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Wuhan qingchuan technology co. LTD


Wuhan Qingchuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D and production of numerical control equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment. Our company relies on Hubei Province's educational resources, enterprise resources and human resources in the fields of ships, bridges, automobiles, heavy engineering and so on, and owns a number of computers, automatic control and machinery. It is the earliest manufacturer of CNC cutting equipment in China and has a history of 20 years.

The company mainly engaged in: CNC flame, plasma, laser composite cutting machine; CNC intersecting line (pipe) cutting machine, cold bending rib machine, universal rolling trigger, single arm hydraulic press, intelligent welding equipment and other non-standard equipment design and manufacture. Upgrading and upgrading various domestic and imported CNC cutting machines. Major market users include: Wuchang Shipyard, Nanjing Jinling Shipyard, Jiangsu Shuntian Shipyard, Yangzhou Guoyu Shipyard, Wuhu Jiangdong Shipyard, Yichang Shipyard, Chongqing Dongfeng Shipyard, Hunan Shipyard Heavy Industry, COSCO Ship, Bridge Bureau Heavy Industry, Yiye Steel Structure Company, China Communications and Shipping Bureau, Hubei Huichuang Heavy Industry, Hubei Guangda Shipyard, Zhejiang Province Jiangdong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Nantong Mingde Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Nantong Hantong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Wuhan Nanhua High Speed Shipping Co., Ltd., Wuhan Qingshan Shipyard, Taiwan CITIC, Malaysia SHIN YANG, Malaysia PLASU SLIPWAYS, Indonesia Soechi and more than 100 domestic and foreign enterprises. In addition, as the authorized OEM partner of Hypertherm plasma system, we can provide you with related plasma products and vulnerable parts.

The company adheres to the quality first, reputation first service purpose, willing to cooperate sincerely with customers at home and abroad, mutual benefit and provide the best service.